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  • A Fake Interview for My Unwritten, Unpublished Book

    A Fake Interview for My Unwritten, Unpublished Book

  • Time Log of a Travel Monday

    Time Log of a Travel Monday

  • 29 Tunes to 29

    29 Tunes to 29

  • Windy City Doughnut Crawl [@ChicagoIL]

    Windy City Doughnut Crawl [@ChicagoIL]

  • Homepage Meet the Casstastrophe

    Meet the Casstastrophe


    Future steward of Hill House.
    The Original Screaming Meemie.
    Contrary to Keatsian joy.

  • Bibliove



    A word derived from biblio, meaning books, and love, meaning I love them. I love books and I love book things and I love talking / writing about books and that’s really all that needs to be said about this category, isn’t it?

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  • Follies & Fixations


    Follies & Fixations

    Basically: my favorites! I want to share these with you all on a monthly basis and hopefully you find something you want to try out too. Be it experiences, products, songs, movies, books, thoughts, whatever! Yes, the entire point of these posts will be personal opinions. Feel free to completely ignore them, I won’t be offended.

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  • Learn Stuff


    Learn Stuff

    Every now and then I get this crazy idea to learn something and then after what is likely hours of frustration over how complicated learning that thing was, I attempt to simplify it. I’ll do my best to share those simplifications.

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  • Lists Happen


    Lists Happen

    Big fan of lists. Not a single day goes by where I don’t make a list about something or other in my life. Or a really terrible, crash-and-burn attempt at a pun. Includes collections of things that go in themed buckets.

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  • Real Moments


    Real Moments

    Sometimes I want to take a second to share what’s going on in my life. Thoughts, reflections, events, whatever the heck I want, etc.

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  • Rhythm & Syntax


    Rhythm & Syntax

    All things writing – both the process and the products. Experimentations in poetry, short prose, long-form anything, and much more abound. The only space less real life than the rest.

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  • Travel



    Anything that happens when I’m not at home. And given that most of my life is spent in other places, I’m realizing that this makes up a decent chunk of my content. Consider this a broader category which can involve literally anything.

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  • Voyages



    These will double up with the Travel category from time to time. The main difference comes down to first experiences or when I go somewhere for the explicit reason of documenting it with pictures instead of my usual overly wordy cleverness.

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