A Farewell Fit For A Queen (City) [@CharlotteNC]

Surely, dear reader, you know by now what it is that I am about to tell you. If not from the title of this post, then from the clues that I dropped for you when turning 27 and again, more recently, when turning 28. Or possibly from following along on socials and seeing a sparklingContinue reading “A Farewell Fit For A Queen (City) [@CharlotteNC]”

Real Moments: The Speed of Time

“But I also learned that it’s possible to go on, no matter how impossible it seems, and that in time, the grief… lessens. It may not ever go away completely, but after a while it’s not overwhelming.” September 27th was the last day I saw you alive. Well, alive alive. The last day that IContinue reading “Real Moments: The Speed of Time”

Real Moments: Growing On Without You

Editor’s Note: This was written to be published last year but, alas, it was not. The why is because many things were happening. Many changes, many adjustments, many repressed, many too much. I’ll never force myself through putting something out here on Tales just to do it. So know now that it’s time. I sayContinue reading “Real Moments: Growing On Without You”

Real Moments: From Gardening to Glasgow to Graduation!

I’m well aware that there has been a lull in posts for the last few weeks – but that’s not for lack of things to say, trust me! An explanation by means of a life update felt in order. Apparently the letter ‘G’ has been the flavor of the past few weeks for me. What feltContinue reading “Real Moments: From Gardening to Glasgow to Graduation!”

Real Moments: Shipping Up to… Ireland!

“What are your plans for after graduation?” Drinking game to how many times college seniors get asked that question in their final semester. A few months back, I shrugged my shoulders and avoided talking about it. My career plans were set almost a year ago: I’ll be moving to North Carolina in July. But as for theContinue reading “Real Moments: Shipping Up to… Ireland!”

Real Moments: “To Everything Its Proper Time And Place And Turn.”

Life events are difficult. When I was a kid, an imagination was something I developed to pass the time. As an “adult,” I’m seeing that I might have let it grow beyond the healthy levels for someone my age. I live what is probably close to 65% of my life with my head lost inContinue reading “Real Moments: “To Everything Its Proper Time And Place And Turn.””