Follies & Fixations: July 2017

Yikes, when was the last time we did a Follies & Fixations around here? Unfortunately for all of us, I’ve been running a little low on Follies lately. Thankfully, I’ve got plenty of Fixations to share. Time to bring back an old favorite. Read on.

Follies & Fixations: May 2016

“The Kingkiller Chronicles” by Patrick Rothfuss… on second thought, also just Patrick Rothfuss Raise your hand if you’re over A Song of Ice and Fire. Okay, maybe not over but raise your hand if it’s been quite the wait for any new material on that front and you’re sick of it and want something elseContinue reading “Follies & Fixations: May 2016”

Follies & Fixations: January 2016

Mama Bear’s Homemade Knitwear My mom is crafty! You could go back in time and show that sentence to 6th grade me and I would laugh right in your face because wow, I never saw it coming. Every year she gets more advanced with her knitwear so I really like demanding cool presents from her forContinue reading “Follies & Fixations: January 2016”

Follies & Fixations: November 2015

Ceramic Hedgehog Pals Technically it’s a salt and pepper shaker but I named mine Autumn and she sits as a little figurine on my bedside table. If I can’t have a real pet hedgehog, this is certainly the next best thing. Jane Austen Literary Mug Come ON, can you believe something so wonderful as a JaneContinue reading “Follies & Fixations: November 2015”

Follies & Fixations: September 2015

Basically: my favorites! I want to share these with you all on a monthly basis and hopefully you find something you want to try out too. Be it experiences, products, songs, movies, books, thoughts, whatever! Yes, the entire point of these posts will be personal opinions. Feel free to completely ignore them, I won’t beContinue reading “Follies & Fixations: September 2015”