Why Am I Doing This?

In this post I am not going to go on about being a millennial. Or about what it means to grow up in the digital age / information era.

I am not going to go on about how adventurous my life is (because letsbereal, I’m munching on chocolates while I write this from my bed). Or why my experiences are the most deserving of being shared with the world at large.

And I’m definitely not going to go on about how hilarious I am. Wait, wait, I take that back. I might very well go on about that.

I feel like I owe the universe an explanation for why I made the decision to publicly share a blog. Maybe its the cynic in me that has always envisioned my friends and family eye-rolling at me when I share a creative project like this with them. “Oh, you like to write?” They’ll say. “You think your blog is going to be different from the millions of others already out there on the internet?”

Why yes, that is precisely what I think! I do like to write and I do think this is going to be a space entirely different from anywhere else online. I think that for one specific reason: this is mine. No one else on the internet can say that their words / thoughts / experiences directly match mine because those people are not me! (That is an actual fact!)

Now, let’s hasten on and jump to the quick version of why I decided now is the time to do this, why this site is going to be the blog I actually commit to and develop (as opposed to the now privatized 6 others I have abandoned over the years).

I have 2 motivations.

  1. I am an obsessive list-making note-taker. I like recording things and I like sharing my opinions and I like defying grammatical convention and I like emphasis. I like making people laugh. I like to create (though I’ll be the first to admit I struggle with overinspiration). And last but not least, I really like to experience. I feel like I might, from time to time, actually have something to say about what or who or where I am experiencing and this is the place to put it.
  2. Life research is HUGE. As my This Is Me page tells you, my life has been changing a lot these days. I’ve searched for bloggers telling me about everything from “what is it like to move to Charlotte, NC as a young twenty-something” to “how do I fit in while in Cambridge, England” to “comprehensive list of all possible ways coffee can be prepared.” Unfortunately, I’ve come up pretty short on returned material – with the exception of the coffee preparation (people go hard with coffee blogs). I thought to myself… if I want to know these things to help guide me in my own life decisions, chances are someone else in the world might want to know them too.

And with that I’ll impart one final entreaty to you, my dear reader: please do come back and enjoy my Tales of Casstastrophe.

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