9 Lessons to Lead Through 2019

Hello, friends. Have you missed me? Okay, very well. But have you missed me like I’ve missed me? Doubtful. I hadn’t realized that this post was something lingering around in my head to write until one recent eve, standing at my kitchen counter, listening to a single song over and over again trying to learn theContinue reading “9 Lessons to Lead Through 2019”

Learn Stuff: The Attention Span Experiment

With finals week looming around the corner, I’ve been trying out any and all ways of improving my ability to get work done and help myself with the push to end all undergraduate pushes. If you were to couple my wretched attention span with my generally bad memory, you’d get a bonafide 6 year old they’re giving a collegeContinue reading “Learn Stuff: The Attention Span Experiment”