Follies & Fixations: November 2015

Ceramic Hedgehog Pals

Technically it’s a salt and pepper shaker but I named mine Autumn and she sits as a little figurine on my bedside table. If I can’t have a real pet hedgehog, this is certainly the next best thing.

Jane Austen Literary Mug

Come ON, can you believe something so wonderful as a Jane Austen quote mug exists?? I bought this in my favorite place on earth – Salem, MA. Specifically, at a fantastic store there called Roost & Company. They sell all sorts of cool knick-knacky home ware and other bits and bobs (think stationary, books, jewelry, etc). The saleswoman ringing me up commented on how she watched me walk around the store for 15 minutes clutching it to my chest, so that should be an indication of my excitement at owning this. Not to mention, it makes an excellent companion to the famous first lines quote mug my best friend got me for my birthday.

Russian Lit

Speaking of literary things, this is my latest phase. When I read, I tend to spend a few months on a particular author or genre. Naturally, I also spend obscene amounts of money on as many books as I can carry and usually weeks later end up dropping away from the phase before I finish them all. Rinse and repeat for infinity. Nikolai Gogol had been on my list for quite some time and when I went to pick up a copy of “Dead Souls” I figured what the heck, let’s stock up on some ‘stoys, ‘kovs, and ‘evskys too.

A goal of mine, albeit an ambitious one, is to read “War and Peace” in a week once I’m officially through with my last semester of college. I had a professor in Cambridge who told us that he read “Bleak House” in a week and because I’m the most competitive person to ever exist, I got it in my head to do something equally as impressive. Given that I am continually inspired by Professor G.M. much in the same way that Tolstoy was inspired by Dickens, I thought W&P was an appropriate choice for the challenge. Not to mention it’s almost 200 pages longer…

Apple Cider Everything

No specific brand, no specific way, just all of it all the time.

Society of Grownups

I can’t even think of a way to describe what this place is other than an amazing incredible resource. A friend and I attended a few classes in the beginning of November and color me so impressed. Society of Grownups hosts classes, chats, guest speakers, events, and more all around the important aspects of Grownuphood. I personally went to the “Basics of Investing” and “You’re a Grownup Now (Don’t Panic)” sessions and am planning to return in December. Even though I’m a finance major and I work at a Center for Financial Independence, personal finance is still a really scary thing for me to confront! SoG makes it relaxed and fun, not to mention their Brookline location has an indescribably comfortable vibe. I couldn’t sing higher praises. Worth stopping by, even just to see the space and peruse their really great bookshelves (they make a kick-ass cup of coffee too).

Halloween @ Home

I know, technically an October folly but November 1st is my December 26th so deal with me for a moment. Ever since I can remember, my family has gone all out with turning our front porch orange for the month of October. I love dressing up, I love eating candy, I love every possible activity that has to do with Halloween (I’m even coming around to haunted houses and scary movies, thanks to my best friends who really love forcing me through them… and by coming around I mean I mull it over for .7 seconds longer than I used to before begging “NOOOO!”) I’m the most basic of New Englanders in saying that Autumn is my favorite time of the year, but know that being home for Halloween makes up a solid 90% of that favoritism.


The Men of Pop have been coming out with all sorts of jams to kill the game lately. Obviously I’m in love with the new One Direction album, but here’s some other stuff I’ve been listening to on repeat. Enjoy! (Also, do yourself a favor and watch this video – WOW, you’re so welcome)


Follies & Fixations: September 2015

Basically: my favorites! I want to share these with you all on a monthly basis and hopefully you find something you want to try out too. Be it experiences, products, songs, movies, books, thoughts, whatever! Yes, the entire point of these posts will be personal opinions. Feel free to completely ignore them, I won’t be offended. And if you disagree, all the better – tell me.

Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro Tea

These little sachets are cute as hell. This has been a longggg time favorite and the smell of this tea alone is absolutely enamoring. A little on the expensive side, although now that I come to think of it I’m really not sure about the context of tea prices so hey – maybe this is actually pretty cheap. But compared to my usual box of Lipton, this is a splurge item. It’s so relaxing and I save this for when I want to have a nice little night on the couch watching movies or reading books. Or when my life is feeling particularly overwhelming.

Moleskine 18-month Softcover Planner

I thought it would be absolutely ridiculous to include a planner as a favorite item because like come ON, it’s not like this is new to the world I’m sure you’ve all seen them. But in one of my classes over the summer a girl spied me writing notes in this trusted buddy and she asked to look through it. Yes, I felt anxiety at what her eyeballs might happen across because I make a lot of weird notes to myself in my planner but that’s not the point. Apparently my assumption is wrong and not everyone knows about these so if I can help someone out all the better! I actually found this particular Moleskine one because my best friend used them and I thought it looked great so I got one too and now I’ll never use anything else. I can personally swear by the quality, my last planner not only made it through 18 full months but also adventures on 3 different continents.

Mighty Squirrel Original Beer

I am the last person on this planet that will try craft beers. I like my Guinness and I very rarely make a move away from it. But a friend and I went to a favorite pizza place nearby his new real life adult time neighborhood and this was recommended by the waiter. I took a sip, just to try it, and literally stared back at my friend for a solid minute in silent surprise over the fact that I absolutely loved the taste. “Bundled in each serving of Mighty Squirrel, you will find a few of our favorite things: friendship, sports, entrepreneurship, innovation, and fun.” Those are my favorite things too! How the heck could I love it more? It wasn’t until I went back and googled the brand that I discovered this beer is Boston local and they have an intern affiliation with Northeastern. That’s how.

Visits from my best friend!

My favorite person on this whole planet is currently an entire United States away from me. In the past year my best friend and I have found ourselves living apart for the first time since we met in freshman year of college. The most incredible thing about our friendship is that it doesn’t seem to matter how far away we are, or how long we’re separated – when we get together it’s like we’ve never parted. I miss having her around but I’m also living vicariously through her west coast adventures. It was so wonderful to spend a few days with her this past weekend. Not to mention we went to see the last North America concert stop for One Direction on Saturday so… talk about follies!


I went ahead and made you a September 2k15 mixtape, a la Spotify playlist, to show you how “millennial” I am (shut up, old people – we get it already). And also just, here, look at what I’ve been listening to lately, maybe you might like something. Or maybe you might not. Whatever.