Introducing: Rhythm & Syntax

Hello, friends. I have something new for you.

Before we get to it, though, allow me a moment or two to talk about why this change is coming to Tales of Casstastrophe.

For one thing, we’re well overdue. As many of you may remember, this blog was started back in 2015 from a basement room of my second summer study abroad program. It was a way for me to cling to my creativity in a time of great fear that the “real world” was coming to swallow me whole. Well, let me tell you, some years it has really put its best foot forward to try, and yet here we remain.

The Casstegories were invented shortly after publishing my first few posts, because I’m clearly obsessed with myself and making new words out of my own name. They were designed based on the things that I was doing the most at that time: reading books, experiencing new places, learning life skills, being completely fixated on stuff and songs for a month at a time, and getting knocked around by all sorts of real moments.

But there’s something else. There’s always been something else, I just haven’t liked to talk about it much.

I write.

Obviously, you may be thinking. Some of you have been around here reading the things that I write for almost 6 years. What you’ve gotten from me on this site up until this point has been tales about the life that I’m living. Now, I’d like to tell you some tales about the lives that I make.

Introducing: Rhythm & Syntax.

A new Casstegory all about writing – both the process and the products. It makes me so immensely happy and it’s always been a big hobby of mine. (There, I finally said it. It’s weird to say that to people when they ask you about your hobbies, isn’t it? Because there is the inevitable follow-up of what do you write? A lot of things, and also nothing.) I never wanted to talk to people about it, so I never have. Mostly because I was going through my own journey with how I’ve internalized this particular part of myself, but now I’m not only ready to talk about it, I’m excited to talk about it.

I just needed the space to do that. So I made some.

Why call it Rhythm & Syntax?

Rhythm because that’s what I’ve fallen the most in love with, both in writing and in reading. The patterns of movement and sound, and the ways they can be positioned to evoke emotion, either out loud or in your own head. The way it creates a voice, and then another, and another.

Syntax because without “the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences” there would be no rhythm.

I will admit that it took a lot of Joywave to get me through writing this announcement, and you better believe that the irony of that is not at all lost on me (what you’re currently reading is probably version 7 or 8, and you’d be equal parts shocked and disturbed to learn just how many posts I’ve published on this site while listening to How Do You Feel Now? on repeat).

Maybe this Casstegory won’t be your thing. Maybe you’re only here for my annual book and narrowly-devolving-into-crisis birthday lists. And that’s okay! If this isn’t your vibe, then feel free to leave it. Come back in a month or two and maybe I’ll have some more of the old classics up for offer.

But if this is your vibe, well, then buckle up and allons-y.

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A walking Casstastrophe.

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